With inline grading, instructors can annotate and grade student assignment files directly within the browser. The inline viewer is powered by a third-party, cloud-based technology called New Box View.

More on the instructor workflow

Enable/disable inline grading

Admin Panel > Integrations > Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Assignments > Settings

On the Assignment Settings page, the New Box View options are set to ON by default. If you choose to disable the integration, users need to download documents to view them.

Upload Waiting Time

When users upload documents to Learn, the documents are transmitted to New Box View for conversion. Some documents may take longer to transmit based on factors such as file size and network connectivity. This setting determines the maximum time users could wait before Learn displays either the New Box View interface or a message. The message states how long to expect to wait before the documents are available to view: "Document is converting. Please wait."

  • If you select a lower value and users upload large documents, they see the message more quickly, but also more frequently.
  • If you select a higher value, users see the message less frequently, but the New Box View interface may take longer to load.
  • No Timeout means Learn doesn't wait for a response from New Box View before the document conversion dialog appears. Users see the next page immediately, but the document conversion dialog always shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an institution customize or alter the integration with New Box View?

Blackboard has a central account with Box and manages all Learn customer accounts centrally, so customers have no management burden. We don’t have the ability for customers to customize or alter the integration. A Learn customer can’t request that Blackboard enable a special Box tool or feature.


Student file submissions are stored in your Blackboard Learn instance as always. A copy of the submission is transmitted to New Box View for conversion. The converted version of the document lives in the cloud on servers managed by Box. Annotations are made to the converted document. They are stored as metadata associated with the converted document in the Box cloud service.

When documents are removed/deleted from Learn using the standard methods—submission delete, assignment delete, course delete, and so on—the reciprocal content stored in Box is also removed programmatically through the integration between the two services. When users delete content from a course, they don't need to take additional actions to remove content from Box.

New Box View annotations for attempts aren't carried over when a course is copied or restored from an archive.


New Box View can convert files in any character set, including double-byte character sets. Likewise, comment annotations can be added in any character set, including double-byte character sets. However, the inline viewer's interface itself isn't localized, so the labels on the inline viewer toolbar and any other textual interface elements of the inline viewer will always appear in English.

Text files, HTML files, and content created with the editor can't be annotated because they already display inline natively in the browser. These files aren't sent to Box for conversion and therefore can't be annotated.

When a converted document is loaded, a session is initiated in the Box service. Annotations made during a session are saved automatically. However, the Box session expires after an hour. If an instructor takes longer than an hour to annotate a document, annotations made after that session expiration may not be saved. As a workaround in the Original Course View, navigate away from the Grade Assignment page to another page in Blackboard Learn, then navigate back to the Grade Assignment page to re-establish a new session.


The New Box View application and associated data—converted documents and annotations—live in the Amazon Web Services cloud, hosted in the United States. The files are secure in the Box service and stored only in the U.S. Blackboard, Box, and Amazon Web Services go to great lengths to secure access to the content stored in the cloud.

No personally identifiable data about students is sent to New Box View. Blackboard Learn retrieves a document ID from Box and assigns it to the document. That mapping of document ID to user, course, assignment, and attempt is tracked locally in Blackboard Learn. None of that data is available to Box. All that's transmitted to Box is the file for conversion. However, the content of the file could contain personally identifiable information. The converted file is stored in the Box service, as are any annotations instructors make on the converted files.


  • Students can't annotate documents.
  • Inline grading doesn't work with SafeAssign, Self & Peer Assessment, discussions, or the Content Collection.
  • The New Box View inline viewer interface is displayed only in English at this time.
  • Annotation sessions expire after an hour. If an instructor takes longer than an hour to annotate a document, annotations made after that session expiration may not be saved.