Connecting the Community

The Blackboard Community Engagement solution provides schools with useful tools to inform community members of the latest news, schedules, and other important information. The platform also makes it simple for school administrators to deliver important school website information and social media updates to parents and students in a single, streamlined mobile communication experience.

What products are available in the Blackboard Community Engagement solution?

  • Blackboard Web Community Manager: Keep community members informed and maintain your district or school online website presence.
  • Blackboard Mobile Communications App: Send instant updates to parents and students on their mobile device to keep them informed. You can manage the layout of your school's mobile app.
  • Blackboard Mass Notification: Send notifications, alerts, and messages to community members using the Blackboard Mass Notification system.
  • Blackboard Teacher Communications: The Teacher Communications system is a notification product designed specifically for teachers so the can send messages via email and text.
  • Blackboard Social Media Manager: Manage social media posts to keep your followers in the know.

Training videos are available.