Broadcast messages to your institution or a group of users

Looking to spread the word about an upcoming event or share another important piece of information? Blackboard Learn is an ideal platform for communicating with your users. With system notifications, you can communicate with all users at once or groups of users you select. The notifications are prominently displayed in the activity stream so users see your messages alongside other important information.

Create a notification

At the top of an administrator's activity stream, a System Notifications feature appears, where you can create notifications.

To create a notification, select Create in the Systems Notifications area. The Create Notification page appears. There are two steps to create a notification in Blackboard Learn: type your message and select your audience.

A preview of your message appears at the top of the Create Notification page. Type and edit your message in the subject and message fields at the bottom of the page.

Standard notifications appear in the selected users' activity stream for the duration you select. Users can dismiss the notification to make it disappear from their activity stream.

Select the duration for this notification using the Show on and Hide after date selectors. You can't select a Show on date earlier than the current date and time, and your Hide after date must be after the Show on date. By default, the Hide after date is set to 3 months from the current date and time.

When you're finished, select Next to pick the audience.

Select an audience

You can select Everyone to display the notification to all users in the system.

To select groups of users, select their role, such as Students or Alumni. You can select more than one role group for a notification with the Add more option. To remove a role group, select the X next to the role name.

Select Done to save and schedule your notification. The notification will display to your selected users on the date and time you selected on the previous page.

The notification could display immediately if you selected a time shortly after the time when you created the notification.

Delete a notification

You can remove a notification if it was posted in error or it's no longer necessary.

  1. Go to the Admin Panel.
  2. Under Tools and Utilities, select Announcements.
  3. Find the announcement you want to delete in the list.
  4. Select Delete from the announcement's menu.
  5. In the confirmation message window, select OK to continue or Cancel to go back.