Welcome to Blackboard Community Engagement

The Community Engagement solution helps districts and schools improve communication within the community while reducing the resources needed to maintain that communication. Your district or school can select the features available in Blackboard Web Community Manager, Blackboard Mobile Communications App, Blackboard Mass Notifications, and/or Blackboard Social Media Manager that best serve your community.

With all these products, how can administrators manage the Blackboard Community Engagement solution?

  • Tied together with Blackboard Communications HQ: Using a single, web-interface for setup, administrators can configure the district and school settings for the community engagement solution and manage any user account details. Plus, through the same interface, administrators can send notifications, manage social media, manage the parent's mobile app, and view reports.
  • Not near a computer? No problem! You can use the Blackboard Communications HQ app on your mobile device and manage all your needs while on-the-go.
  • Learn about our Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) technology! Write your message once and select as many delivery options that are available to your district. Select phone messages, emails, your mobile site, your website, any RSS feeds, or social networks.
  • Just interested in the notification process? Send notifications, alerts, and messages to community members using the Blackboard Mass Notifications system. The Teacher Messaging system is also available with Blackboard Mass Notifications so teachers can send messages.
  • Managing your school's mobile app for your community? With the Blackboard Mobile Communications app, you can send instant updates to parents and students on their mobile device to keep them informed. You can manage the layout of your school's mobile app.
  • Trying to juggle multiple social media accounts? Manage social media posts from Facebook and Twitter in one location and keep your followers in the know with the Blackboard Social Media Manager.
  • Using the Blackboard Web Community Manager for your website? Keep community members informed and maintain your district or school online website presence.

Check the current Service Status for the Blackboard Communications app (available in English only).

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