Ready. Set. Teach!

Just because you are not physically in the same room with your students doesn't mean that your lecture should bore them!

Allow early access. Let your participants join the session early. This gives new participants a chance to get familiar with the room and what they can and can't do. Join the session early yourself and practice using the tools.

Introduce yourself. Don't assume that your participants recognize your voice or know who you are. State your name the first few times you speak. Let them get to know you.

Introduce guests speakers. You can invite a guest speaker or encourage group collaboration in your course by promoting any participant to a moderator. Moderators are allowed to share their screens, upload images or PowerPoint® files, and modify other users' permissions.

Highlight key points in your presentation. Move through PowerPoint presentations using the arrows available. Use the annotation tools on the whiteboard or in presentations to add text, pointers, or different shapes.

Include Q&A. Encourage participants to ask questions. 

Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than hearing outside sounds like typing or a side conversation.

Make eye contact. If you are sharing your video, look at the camera and not the screen. It may feel weird but it helps participants feel more like they are a part of the session and less isolated.