Announcement push notifications for Ultra courses need to be enabled at system level

In most cases, push notifications for announcements are turned on at the system level. At this time, there isn’t a setting for users to turn announcement push notifications on or off in the app or web view of Blackboard Learn. If users aren’t receiving announcement push notifications for Ultra courses, please set the system default notification settings to "on" or "always on" in the admin panel. Note that they won’t be able to opt out of them at this time. More on default notification settings.

Force to web logins inflated in activity accumulator table

When the Mobile B2 is configured with Force to Web authentication, the activity accumulator table in the Blackboard Learn database records the Mobile Login Attempt multiple times for every mobile app user login on iOS and Android . This affects logins from both the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor apps. This table shows how mobile usage activity statistics for logins will be inflated:

Blackboard App Requirements
Learn Version

Blackboard App


Blackboard Instructor App


Blackboard App


Blackboard Instructor App


Enterprise/Classic 2 entries 2 entries 3 entries 3 entries
SaaS 2 entries 2 entries 1 entry 1 entry

iOS app may receive unsupported notification types

In certain conditions, the Blackboard app on iOS may receive additional notification types beyond the documented notification types.

Android displays only the documented notification types.

Activity indicators for active Collaborate rooms

For Ultra courses on a desktop web browser, an indicator appears when a Collaborate room is in use. The activity indicator for active Collaborate rooms is not supported by the mobile apps.

Duo 2FA iOS Push Notification Stalls in Duo App

After approving a Duo 2FA Push Notification authentication request from the Blackboard app, users remain stalled in the Duo app until manually navigating back to the Blackboard app by tapping the Blackboard back button in the upper left corner.  After this manual navigation action, the pending authentication request will proceed.

DUO 2FA Push Notification not supported (resolved)

Resolved when users upgrade to iOS 12.

The DUO 2FA Push Notification method is not currently supported by the Blackboard mobile apps. Some configurations appear to work on Android and older iOS devices, but there is a known issue with iOS 11. To authenticate in the apps via a mechanism which has implemented DUO 2FA security, use the passcode method.

SafeAssign report not available for app assignment submissions on Original experience (resolved)

For assignment submissions made in the Blackboard app, SafeAssign originality reports aren’t available in Blackboard Learn Original experience at this time.

Originality reports function as expected for app submissions in Blackboard Learn SaaS Ultra experience.

Resolved in 3700.11.0 for SaaS and 3800.0.0+ for Enterprise.

Unsupported test presentation and review options

These test options are not supported within the Blackboard app when taking tests:

  • One at a time question presentation is ON
  • Timer with auto-submit is OFF (overtime)

These test options are not supported within the Blackboard app when reviewing tests:

  • Provide feedback for individual answers is ON
  • Show score per question is OFF
  • Show incorrect questions is OFF

Time zone differences for due dates

Time zones for due dates are different between Blackboard Learn 9.1 Original experience on a web browser and the Blackboard app. Blackboard Learn 9.1 Original experience displays all due dates in the server time zone, and Blackboard Learn Ultra experience and the Blackboard app show all due dates in the end-user machine time zone.

When a user is located in a different time zone than their school’s server, they see different times in the app compared to their Blackboard Learn 9.1 Original experience on a web browser. This difference can be especially confusing to students when the time difference pushes the due date to a day earlier or later. Blackboard Learn Ultra experience displays times in the end-user machine time zone along with the UTC offset value.

Due dates will not appear in activity stream if Dashboard Notifications are off

This includes both administrator global settings and individual user settings.

Notifications Dashboard

Blackboard app not compatible with Session Fingerprint

Resolved in Blackboard Learn SaaS 3500.7+

The Blackboard app is not compatible with Session Fingerprint settings to create a new session when the fingerprint changes. Several types of content that are not supported in the native UI are loaded in an in-app browser (webView), which uses a different user agent than the native app view. The traffic for webView requests does not go through the mBaaS relay like native requests, so the remote IP address and user agent changes. Therefore, the user agent and IP address must change in any webView workflow, and attempting to create a new session upon a change to the session fingerprint causes a session failure in the webView in-app browser.

Content does not update while in a course or on a page

While a user navigates within a course or stays on a static page, such as Activity Stream or Due Dates, content does not update in real time. In order to see content and grade updates, you must navigate out of the course and back or navigate off the page and return. The exception for this is content with adaptive release rules for tests, assignments, and discussions, which will invalidate the cache upon submission and refresh the content.

Firewall allowed list to allow mobile traffic

The Blackboard app requires two services—MLCS and mBaaS. MLCS is the Mobile B2 registration service that handles the school search. mBaaS is the service relay in Amazon Web Services that handles the request traffic for the Blackboard app.

Firewall allowed list

Profile pictures (resolved)

On initial access, users must set the first account avatar from a web browser. If no avatar was set previously, attempting to set the initial avatar from the mobile app shows a message: We're sorry. Your school doesn't allow you to change your photo. Please contact your school for more information. After the initial avatar is set from a web browser, subsequent avatar photos can be set from the app.

Resolved in Blackboard app version 5.5. Users can now set avatars in the mobile app for initial access.

Course list

The term or duration setting for a course determines if a course appears in the current, past, or upcoming course list. This property may not be visible to users of all roles.

Course List Placement


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