Adoption Toolkit for the Blackboard App

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    The linked files are available in English only.

    The Blackboard app is Blackboard's mobile solution designed especially for students. The app provides an intuitive way to interact with courses and content. The Blackboard app can be used throughout a student's academic journey to stay on top of coursework and plan ahead.

    Please install the latest Mobile Web Services B2 for optimal Blackboard app performance.

    About the toolkit

    The Blackboard app adoption toolkit helps school administrators and trainers educate users quickly and efficiently. Toolkit content can be sent in email, printed and distributed, or integrated with a school's own materials.

    The screenshots in these resources refer to Blackboard app version 3.0+ for iOS and Android. Please direct Windows app users to the Windows-only help pages.


    Link to this video to generate interest and inform your users quickly about the app.

    Video: Introducing the Blackboard App

    App tile

    Download the app tile and resize as you wish. To save this image to your computer, right click and select Save image as.

    Help documentation

    Learn more about the Blackboard app and provide the link to your users.

    User-facing help for the Blackboard app

    User-facing help for the Blackboard app for Windows

    Communication checklist

    We've developed a checklist to save time and take advantage of multiple channels. Download and customize this checklist to fit your school's needs.

    Email template

    Make it easy for instructors to let their students know the Blackboard app is available. Instructors can customize our email template to build excitement and share information about the Blackboard app.

    Announcement in Blackboard Learn

    Use the announcements tool to let students know the Blackboard app is available. Here’s an example:

    The Blackboard app for students is available in Apple, Google, and Windows app stores now. You can access Blackboard Learn, get grades, and participate in discussions on your mobile device. Download the Blackboard app today!

    More on announcements

    Social tiles

    Use our social tiles to spread the word about the Blackboard app on your school’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

    Social media toolkit

    Help your marketing team promote the Blackboard app! The social media toolkit provides everything needed to share information about the Blackboard app across your school’s social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Blackboard Learn module

    This module is available in English only.

    Students’ Blackboard Learn home tab is a great place to help students discover and download the Blackboard app. Our pre-built module includes links to the Apple, Android, and Windows app stores.

    The Download Blackboard's Student App Today module is included with the latest Blackboard Learn SaaS release and Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 CU1+. Modules are only available in the Original experience.

    If you're using a version prior Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 CU1, follow the instructions below to create a module manually.

    Create a Blackboard app module

    Offline content feature

    The Blackboard app provides students with continuous access to course content regardless of their internet connection. They can download available content for an entire course or just specific items. Auto sync ensures their downloads are updated the next time they're online.

    Your institution might need an update so that users can see this feature in the Blackboard app.

    Resources for students

    Distribute these one-page documents to help students understand the app's benefits and features.

    Flyer for campus

    Post a flyer across campus so students can find out about the Blackboard app. This flyer is great for dining areas, career services, academic hallways, and more.