Here is everything you need to know about the X-Ray 2.0 release.

It includes details on major features, bug fixes, and minor enhancements.

Release schedule

Improved user experience

Course reports

With X-Ray 2.0 the user experience has gotten a major overhaul. The graphs and charts are no longer static images. The graphs and charts can change dynamically based on filters. 

Graphs and charts scale in response to browser zooming allowing users to see more details than ever before. Users can continue to use the browser save as features on all graphs and charts allowing users to download copies of the images to their desktop.

Tables continue to be sortable and paginated. With this upgrade we have added searching support to table fields as well, allowing instructors and administrators to filter table records on the fly by entering text in the fields below each column in the table.

If there are multiple ways to describe the data then tabs are displayed which quickly allow users to switch between data visualizations to maximize their ability to understand what is occurring in their course. 

Administrator reports

Administrator reports are now styled the same as course reports creating a cohesive look and feel between the two for better presentation.

Past version

New version

Course reporting improvements

Filtering by group

With this release course level reports and charts can now be filtered by groups of learners. This filter provides instructors with a powerful way to focus their view of X-Ray data on groups of learners in the course. This provides instructors with a much better understanding of how groups are interacting internally and how this is impacting the learner's education.

To use this feature a course must have groups and have learners assigned to a group instructors. The participant's list is also filtered by the selected group. Only students who are a member of the group show in the participant list and instructors can use the participant list to filter the reports and charts further. If a graph doesn't make sense when viewing an individual or group then it isn't displayed. 

Risk report

The course risk report metrics table has new columns with this release in order to increase an instructors level of insight and avoid misinterpretations. 

The new columns in the risk report are:

  • Last login - the last day the user logged in to the site, which should help identify learner's who are not active in the course
  • Last gradable activity submitted - the last day a user submitted a gradable activity for the course, which helps identify learners who have logged in, but are not actively engaged in the course materials
  • Time spent in course - helps to determine which learners are spending time with the course resources
  • Number of posts - helps to determine a learner's level of engagement in a course with forums

The risk value is no longer displayed to reduce confusion, instead, instructors should focus on the risk level.

Improved distribution of grades

The distribution of grades graph in the Gradebook report now uses different colors for different grade types. The average grade for graded activities that are tracked by X-Ray appear as a different colored line compared to the course grade and other graded activities. This should provide instructors with a quick visual understanding of the activities average grade distribution.

Dynamic report filtering

In X-Ray 2.0 all data is generated in a dynamic fashion based filters you set.  You can easily focus your view of X-Ray's data to a single student and change to another student and the charts and tables are redisplayed without reloading the page.

When you filter on individual forums within the forums in the course the graphs and charts change without a page reload to display just the data for that forum.

Administrator report improvements

Risk report

The administrator risk report has been modified like the course risk report to remove the risk value and focus on the risk level. Because of this the density plot graphs on the risk report have been replaced with histograms. The histograms focus on the number of learners in each risk level.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  •  Administrator reports
    • Improved logging
    • Fix to keep multiple sessions separate on the server  
    • Restructuring of the localization: Support to read languages from json
    • Relabelling of "Report date" into "Reporting Start Date" in bar filter