The Outcome performance report gives you an overview of student performance. The report displays how students performed against outcomes mapped to all courses. It shows the percentage of activities and resources completed across all courses, as well as the average grade for all students in all graded activities set to that outcome.

Steps in Snap: Admin > Site administration > Reports > Outcome performance

Steps in other themes: Administration > Site administration > Reports > Outcome performance

  1. In Site Administration, select Reports.
  2. Select Outcome performance.
  3. Filter the report as needed:
    • Filter the report information using the Outcome set list. Select a list of standards used by your institution.
    • Filter the report by a specific Outcome folder. The folder further defines the area of the outcome.
    • Filter the report by a specific educational Category or course. Type the information.
  4. Select Filter.

    The report displays the specific outcome, the overall completion percentage of the outcome for all students, and the average grade for the outcome for all students.

  5. Download the report:
    • Select the type of format for the file from the Download table data as list.
    • Select Download.
    • Save the file.