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We have compiled a list of updated URLs for the most visited Web Community Manager help topics for site administrators. 

Top Topics and URLs
Subject Description/Link Included topics
Core resources Quick links to help topics Topics include app showroom, Blackboard Ally, assignments, calendar, e-alerts, FAQs, Google custom search navigation, reports, passkeys, passports, statistics, workspaces, and more.
Navigating your site Navigating WCM Topics include navigating your website, how your site is organized, your dashboard, an introduction to site manager, how to navigate site manager, workspace information, and Community Engagement integration information.
Blackboard Community Engagement Information on Blackboard Community Engagement Solution Topics include mobile communications, universal navigation bar, creating and sending messages, website delivery, on-screen delivery, and the integrated dashboard.
Data Integration and Automation LDAP, SAML, Google Single Sign-on, and Universal Connector information Topics include configuring LDAP, SAML, and Universal Connector, Google single sign-on, creating and testing domains, configuring ADFS, creating connectors, authentication processes, and mapping data.
Configure your site Creating, editing, and organizing your site Topics include creating and editing your site, organizing your site, assigning site directors, adding contact information, adding calendar notification email, and connecting your social media accounts.
System settings  Configuring system settings Topics include setting the system email address, selecting the session timeout limit, turning self registration on or off, adding a favicon, Google analytics, Google custom search, enabling Broadcast e-alerts, and enforce global or site templates.
Universal connector Setting up Universal connector Topics include setting up universal connector, creating connectors, mapping the data and passports, add exceptions, connector types, editing, deleting, activating, and running connectors, and setting the connector run order and notifications.
Channel Library Adding channels to your site Topics include adding channels, sorting, ordering channels, hiding or displaying channels, using a friendly web address, changing a channel name, and activating the channel homepage.
Sections Creating and managing sections Topics include adding, sorting, editing, moving, and deleting sections, using a friendly web address, hiding or displaying sections, and mapping sections to files, pages, and websites.
Section assets Creating consistent pages across your site Topics include creating section configurations, adding page types, sharing rights, and moving a section.
Passkeys Creating and managing passkeys Topics include creating web form, token, and no authentication passkeys, editing, testing, and deleting passkeys, managing and blocking passkeys, importing users to a passkey, and viewing the passkey usage report.
Templates Applying templates Topics include configuring templates, switching templates, changing template elements, editing template colors, using your school name, tagline, and logo in your template, and changing the global icons.
Social Media Adding and configuring social media apps Topics include adding social media feeds, widgets, plugins, and embed codes, adding social media apps in Web Community Manager, configuring app social settings, available social settings, community editing, commenting, managing visitor comments, rating, adding RSS feeds, connecting your social media accounts to share e-alerts, and allowing sites to post broadcast e-alerts to Facebook and Twitter. 
Files and folders Managing files and folders Topics include uploading, updating, renaming, and moving files, getting a link for a file, downloading files, and deleting files.
Forms and surveys Using forms and surveys Topics include accessing forms and surveys, adding a new form, adding a new survey, copying and importing forms and surveys.
Using apps Default and custom app information Topics include available apps for your site, configuring app rights, custom apps, sharing apps, downloading, importing, and updating custom apps, and requesting custom apps.
Moderate content Approve or decline content Topics include which apps are moderated, setting up content moderation, creating a moderated content group, adding workspaces to a content group, adding moderators and editors, community editing, and approving or declining content.
System emails Information on system emails Topics include system email types, purpose, configuration locations, and form field name, and system generated email samples.
Reports Information on WCM reports Topics include site reports, how to run reports, information on each report, Google analytics reports, Blackboard Ally accessibility reports, and statistics reports.
Blackboard Ally Information on Blackboard Ally Topics include Blackboard Ally in Web Community Manager, Ally institutional report, accessibility scores, and alternative formats.
Accessibility Information on accessibility in WCM Topics include accessibility in the WCM platform, keyboard navigation, tips for the best screen reader experience, resources, Blackboard Ally, and an accessibility webinar.