Running a report applies the appropriate data to a Report Definition at a moment in time and generates report. Report Definitions can be set to run immediately when a user selects Run from within the application, or set to be part of a queue of reports that runs at a scheduled time when the user selects Run.

Run reports

Reports are run from various places within the application. For example, from the Administrator Panel > Tools and Utilities section > System Reporting and various instructor, student, and institutional assessment workflows throughout the product.

  1. Navigate to the item you want to report on, or locate the appropriate report.
  2. Open the item or report's menu and select either Run Reports or Analyze Results. If there are multiple reports to choose from, a list of available reports appears.
  3. Navigate to the report you want to run and open the menu.
  4. Select Run.

Some reports run as HTML and display within the context of the users work flow. Other reports allow the user to select the format of the output file. Upon submission, the report is run and displays in the selected format. Some reports are automatically stored in the Content Collection while others can be downloaded and saved on your computer.

Set report schedules

If you select Run on a scheduled report, the report runs at the scheduled time. Schedules are defined by the Institution Administrator to ensure that large reports do not take up system resources at times of peak load.

Administrators set the report schedules from the Administrator Panel > Tools and Utilities section > System Reporting. The list of reports to schedule is provided on the Report Definitions page.

Administrators set the start time for the scheduled report queue and the length of time the queue will process reports on the Manage Report Schedule page. If the system does not complete all scheduled reports in the allotted time frame, the system begins where it left off during the next scheduled processing window.

Individual reports cannot be set to run at a specific time. All reports that are scheduled enter the queue. Automatic or recurring scheduling is not available. Users must run the scheduled report to have it added to the nightly queue.

Scheduled reports are stored in the Reports Archive, which is accessed by the system administrator. Archived reports can be stored in the content collection where permission to view the reports is managed by issuing passes or by system role and user account.

Scheduled reports queue

The list of reports that are scheduled to run is accessed in System Reporting > Scheduled Reports Queue. The Schedule Reports Queue lists pending and completed reports. Administrators can remove scheduled reports from the queue.