Administrators can control a wide variety of display options, including how the content list displays, folder views, menu display options, shortcut views, and other system availability and display options.

All of the tools and actions in the Content Collection can be made available or unavailable system-wide. Administrators also control which users see the tool and the style of the tool (such as font and color).

Manage system availability and display options

You can control a tool's system availability in the Content Management area on the Administrator Panel. Administrators can make tools available to everyone on the system or only to users with specific institution roles. The Display Options page allows administrators to control whether a tool appears on the Content Collection menu. Administrators can also customize the style of a tool on the menu. This table explains these concepts.

Concept What is this? How is it managed?
System Availability Make the tool available or unavailable for the entire system. Each tool has its own link in the Content Management area of the Administrator Panel.
Display Options Choose to hide or display a tool or item and select its style. In the Content Management area of the Administrator Panel, select Display Options.