Monitor and improve your institution's accessibility

Ally provides detailed accessibility reports for content created in and uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS) and website. 

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Open the report

You can find the Ally institution report in your LMS.

  • Blackboard Learn: On the administrator panel under Tools and Utilities, select Ally Report.
  • Instructure canvas: Select Admin in the global navigation. Select an account and select Ally.
  • Moodlerooms and Moodle: From Site administration select Reports. Select Accessibility.
  • Custom Login Page: If you have access through a custom login page, type the LTI key and secret for your institution.

Accessibility scores

Ally provides accessibility scores to measure the accessibility of content. Accessibility scores are determined by the severity of issues in each digital file or WYSIWYG content editor. The higher the accessibility score, the more accessible your content. A low score means low accessibility. For accessibility scores less than 100 percent, Ally gives you suggestions for improving the accessibility of your content. 

There are four colors of gauge icons: red, orange, and two shades of green, that measure your content's accessibility:

  • 0 - 33 percent. Red icon. The content is not accessible and needs immediate attention. The accessibility score ranges from 0 percent to 33 percent. 
  • 34 - 66 percent. Orange icon. The content is somewhat accessible. The accessibility score ranges from 34 percent to 66 percent. 
  • 67 - 99 percent. Green icon. The content is accessible but could be improved. The accessibility score ranges from 67 percent to 99 percent. 
  • 100 percent: Perfect. Dark green icon. The content has perfect accessibility, with a score of 100 percent. There is no action needed to further improve.

Accessibility Issues

Ally categorizes accessibility issues to reflect how many students are affected and the extent of the issues. Accessibility issues are categorized by Severe, Major, or Minor.

  • Severe. These issues are the greatest risk to accessibility and require the most attention.
  • Major. These issues impact accessibility, and while not severe, require attention.
  • Minor. These issues should be considered for a better accessibility score.