Set a password for the Connect message gateway proxy tool

From the Administrator Panel under Building Blocks, select Building Blocks. Next, select Proxy Tools and then Manage Global Properties.

Provide a password in the Proxy Tool Registration Password text box. This password should not be changed. Administrators need to send this password to Connect to set up the Connect side of the proxy tool.

Enable system notifications

Notifications must be enabled to ensure that the correct options will be available after the initial integration setup is complete.

From the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, select Notifications. Select Enabled for Notification Collection.

It is the responsibility administrators, or the individual who is setting up the Connect integration, to keep SMS and Text-to-Voice messaging inactive until the initial synchronization is complete. These options are available on the General Notifications Settings page.

Send a request to enable the proxy tool to Connect client care

Provide the following information:

  • Title, name, phone number and email address
  • Institution name
  • URLs for the NotificationDistributorOperations.WS and Context.WS web services
  • The proxy tool password

The Connect client care representative initiates the proxy tool request to your institution's server. Depending on the network configuration, firewall settings may need to be adjusted so that the Connect service can reach the Blackboard server.

If administrators do not already have this information, the representative will also provide the Connect User Account name, Connect Password, and SIS Code. Administrators need these to set up Contact Synchronization in a later step.