Hvis du bruker administrert drifting, gjelder ikke dette temaet deg.

Blackboard provides the Open Database Schema for Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack (SP) 1 and SP 6 and later in an HTML package in Javadoc format.

The Open Database Schema provides information about the Blackboard Learn database structure, including layout and table inter-dependencies. This information is intended for intermediate to expert database administrators, as an aid to troubleshooting, capacity planning, and analytics.

The schemas include a description of the data characteristics of the tables and columns in the Blackboard Learn database, which includes data types and sizes, nullability, index, sequence, key, and constraint information. Additional commentary is also provided for key tables and columns.

For 9.1 SP 8 and later, Blackboard also provides a PDF "diff file" to detail the changes to the Open Database Schema since the previous release of Blackboard Learn.

Available schemas

You can view the Schema or Changes packages and documentation on Blackboard's repository or using the following links. You can also download the packages from Behind the Blackboard on the Download Files page for each release.

To download a schema or change package, expand the release folder and download only the .zip file. You don't need the metadata files also found in the folder. 

What isn't included?

The Open Database Schema does not include a complete description of every database object in Blackboard Learn. The following information is not included:

  • Detailed commentary for some tables and columns.
  • No information about stored procedures, views, triggers, or database jobs.