Blackboard recommends using Institutional Hierarchy features in place of Domains in most cases. Institutional Hierarchy enables fuller utilization of other Learn functions and doesn’t require logic based on custom rules.

Domain administrators are created by combining a user with system roles within the domain. System roles are roles that define administrative privileges. A user can have several system roles applied within a domain. When a user has several system roles, all the privileges in each role are applied. If one system role allows an action, but another system role does not allow the same action, the user will be able to perform the action.

System roles attached to user records in the default domain apply to all domains. The default domain is the entire set of data in the system. System roles may be attached to users on the Edit User page or when users are created. System roles added in this way apply to the default domain.

Add administrators to domains

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, select Domains. A list of domains should appear. If no domains exist, see Creating Domains.
  2. Open a domain's menu and select Manage Administrators. The Manage Administrators page lists out all the domain administrators and their system roles. Select a role to open the Manage Privileges page for that specific role. Be careful when editing privileges; the changes will be applied system wide to any user who has that system role in any domain.
  3. Select Administrator.
  4. Provide the Username for the new domain administrator.
  5. Assign the System Roles that will apply in the domain.
  6. Select Submit.