Within the app, you can view the folders, documents, assessments, and the other items that you can see in the web browser view of the course.

Export files

When you open an attached file in the app, you can view it or print it. You can also tap Open With to export or email the file.

Compatible file types

Most file types that you can view in the web browser view of a course are supported by the Blackboard app. You can view Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and PDF documents.

More compatible file types

Supported course content

Most of your course content displays natively in the app. Content that isn't supported within the app generally opens in the in-app web browser.

More on supported course content

The Blackboard app works as a collaboration between our app software and your school's server. Blackboard can't guarantee that content created by instructors or other users is compatible with this app. Features and functionality may be limited at times if your school hasn't updated the appropriate software or experiences server outages.

If there's an item you can access on the course website, but not in the app, contact your instructor.

Original View Courses

Discussions. Discussions are always available on the Course Overview. If there's a link to the discussions tool in the course menu in your Original View Course, it shows in Course Content in the app as well.

More on discussions in the app

Course menu tool links. Some Original View Course tools aren't available natively in the app. When you tap a link to one of these tools, you're directed to a web view of the tool.

Mark reviewed. The Blackboard app doesn't currently support the Mark Reviewed feature. Please access the web browser view of your course for this feature if your instructor made it available.

Ultra View Courses

Course messages. Messages aren't available in the app. Please access the web browser view of your course for this feature.

Course roster. The roster isn't available in the app. Please access the web browser view of your course for this feature.

Learning Modules

A learning module is a container for organized collections of content. Your instructor may require you to complete the content in a sequence or allow you to explore the content in any order.

For Ultra courses in the app, learning modules clearly show your progress.

  • From Course Content, you can see your progress status for the module.
  • In the module, the progress bar indicates how much of the module you have left to complete.
  • Each item shows if it's ready, started, completed, or locked.
  • Locked items are not available to you. Tap the item to view the requirements to release it. For example, your instructor may require a minimum grade on an item before you progress to the next item.
  • The app doesn't support groups, so the learning module contains a group assignment or discussion, you'll be directed to access it in the web browser view of your course.

If you're new to learning modules, check out how they work in the web browser view of your Ultra course.

Learn more about Ultra course view learning modules