Anthology Adopt powered by Pendo allows institutions to gain insights on Blackboard Learn usage and take action through in-app messages, digital walkthrough guides, and tooltips. Users with privileges can create messages, guides, and tutorials for Blackboard Learn features for instructors and students. You can select from a host of pre-created and regularly updated guides, as well as create and customize your own. Anthology Adopt includes the ability to create customized material for segments of users.

A license for Anthology Adopt can help highlight new Blackboard Learn features, optimize and streamline workflows, and offer customizable in-app communications for richer engagement with Blackboard Learn. Anthology Adopt includes access to expert support to answer your questions.

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Using Anthology Adopt

Anthology Adopt powered by Pendo contains a bank of templated messages that can be added to Blackboard Learn. Institutions can also create their own communications to highlight institution-specific guides, policies, and instructions.

Bank of templates in Anthology Adopt

For example, if your institution is introducing Blackboard Learn Ultra to faculty, you can create a short walkthrough of a specific feature in Blackboard Learn for instructors. Select from the bank of templates or create your own from scratch. When you add instructional text to the template, you can customize with buttons, icons, colors, and font choices. You can add videos, images, and links to resources outside of Blackboard Learn.

An Anthology Adopt pop-up displayed in Blackboard Learn Ultra

When an instructor logs into Blackboard Learn and navigates to the feature or page you want to highlight, a communication is displayed with the information you created. If your guide has multiple steps, you can customize navigation buttons allowing the user to move forward and backward through your guide. While the communication is displayed, Blackboard Learn functionality is disabled. You can give the user the option to ignore the communication and navigate out of it without completing it. For mandatory tutorials or communications with essential policies or instructions, you can customize the message so the user is required to navigate through the message to completion.

The publication status of templates and communications can be set to Public, Draft, or Disabled based on what information you want users to see. Anthology provides user guides with examples of ways to configure settings and customize styles.

Applying other features in Anthology Adopt

Customize outreach to specific users. You can create messages that are specified for a segment of users. Your institution has varied segmentation and targeting options with Anthology Adopt. You can create communications directed to specific roles such as instructors or students. You can also direct communications within these roles – for example, a specific departmental faculty within an institution.

Localize content for different languages. You have the option to add language packages to your guides. For example, you can create an introductory welcome guide of policies and instructions for a cohort of international students. If you add a language package to this guide, the language package will translate the guide into multiple languages, which can be selected by users. 

Evaluate user behavior with analytics. Anthology Adopt contains robust analytics to gain detailed usage insights for user activity and guides in Blackboard Learn. This can show what features are underutilized, average daily screentime on a page, and when users leave a specific workflow. This can streamline and optimize engagement with features and workflows and improve outreach to users to create a richer user experience in Blackboard Learn.

Anthology Adopt analytics page detailing user interaction with features

Receive expert customer support. Our team of support engineers have expert knowledge about the functionality of Anthology Adopt and are available to answer your questions.  

If you are interested in learning more about Anthology Adopt, reach out to your Anthology Account Executive or contact us here.

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