This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

You can submit an assignment that requires qualitative peer review.

  1. From your course main page, find the name of the section where the assignment is. Ask your instructor if you don’t know the name of your section: 
  1. You can also access access the submissions available for your review directly from either the Due Date or the Calendar views. This makes it easier for you to act when reviewing your pending tasks.
The "Due Date" and "Calendar" views from the Student's view is open with two available submissions highlighted.
  1. Select the assignment to view the due date, the number of peer reviews you need to complete and the peer review due date. You may also see a rubric if your instructor added one for this assignment. 
  1. Take into account:
    • You will only have one attempt for your submission to guarantee originality in your responses.
    • You can’t start your peer review before you submit your own work, even if the peer review period has already started.
    • You can’t start your peer review if there are not enough submissions to review or if the peer review period has not started yet.
    • You can submit your assignment and peer reviews after their due dates but they'll be marked late. You will remain part of the process but you may not get the minimum peer reviews for yourself.
  2. Select View Assessment. You can start working on your assignment and upload attachments and other files to it. Select Save and Close if you want to pause your work at some point, and submit your assignment later. You can come back and continue at any time. 
  1. When you have finished all your tasks to your satisfaction, submit your assignment. You'll need to confirm your submission before it's final.
  2. After your submission, you can either select View submission to revisit your work, or Start peer review if there are reviews available for you. The Peer Review option will remain inactive until reviews are available for you to check. 
  1. When peer reviews are available, select Start peer reviews. If this option isn't available, it means there aren't enough peer review assignments ready. You can try again later or contact your instructor for more information. 
  1. Write your feedback for your classmate in the left area of the screen. You can either Save your comments or complete the feedback and Submit it. At this stage, you won’t see your classmate’s name unless your instructor has told you to include it within the assignment content.
    After you submit your feedback, use the carrousel to move to the next peer review. 
  1. As you advance in the process, you'll be able to see the status of your submissions and go back to the ones that need completion. 
  1. When you finish all your peer reviews you'll be able to see your own submission and the feedback you gave, but you won't be able to edit it.

  2. You’ll see updates and the different contents in your assignment submission as you give and receive feedback. Your instructor, peers and you can learn about relevant changes in submissions via the Activity Stream.

    Your instructor will get notifications when new reviews arrive, and you will get them when your reviews are graded.

  1. If you submit your assignment or peer reviews late, you can still be part of the process with some restrictions, for instance, not completing the minimum peer reviews for your assignment or causing one or more of your fellow classmates to miss at least one peer review. 

More on submitting assignments

Peer review assignments for disabled students and deleted attempts

When an instructor deletes a student submission containing peer reviews, they'll receive a warning message, as they'll lose those reviews. The list of affected students will be visible.

When grading or viewing peer reviews, the submission from a disabled or unavailable student will still be available.

If a student started or completed a review on a student submission that is no longer available (because it belongs to a disabled or unavailable student), they'll see they no longer have access to it. The student can start a different review if they’d like or if asked by the instructor. An instructor can see when a student completed a review that’s no longer available, giving the opportunity to let the student know they don’t need to complete another review if that’s preferred.

The Assignment panel from a Student's view is open with 1) a "One or more submissions for your peer reviews are no longer available" warning message displayed and highlighted, and 2) a "This submission is no longer available" warning message highlighted.