Progress Tracking for Administrators

The Progress Tracking feature is a useful tool for both instructors and students to track progress in a course. Progress can be tracked for assignments, as well as other course content. You can allow or disallow the ability to turn on progress tracking at an institutional level. If you allow instructors to turn progress tracking on, they decide whether or not they want progress tracking turned on for their course at any time.

Turn progress tracking on or off

In the list where your name appears first, select Admin. Go to the Tools and Utilities category. Select the Tools link. You can now access the options for progress tracking.

Image of the Progress Tracking options. The Scope of Change column shows the menu allowing you to choose whether progress tracking applies to all Ultra courses, or just new Ultra courses

By default, progress tracking is off at the institutional level. You can select whether or not progress tracking is turned on for all Ultra courses or just new Ultra courses. After you turn progress tracking on, instructors can still override the setting at the course level. If you want to restrict instructors from changing the progress tracking configuration, use the padlock icon to block course level actions.

Because progress tracking is an administrator tool, progress tracking is node aware.