Installation Questions

Which devices are compatible with the app?

You need a device with one of these operating systems:

iOS 11+
Android 5+

The Windows 10+ version of the app moved to maintenance mode in January 2018 and no longer adds new features. Critical issues and technical updates to support integrations and OS requirements will continue.If you use a Windows device, access the Windows-only help pages.

How do I get the right OS on my Apple device?

The Blackboard app supports iOS 11+. To learn which operating system version you're running, see iPhone, iPad, iPod: How to Find the Software Version.

To learn how to update your iOS software, see Update Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Is the Blackboard app available for my school?

Start typing your school's name on the login screen in the app. If your school's name appears, go ahead and log in.

Schools that use Blackboard don't necessarily enable mobile device access. If you don't see your school listed, you can contact them and inquire whether they plan to enable mobile access.

How much does the Blackboard app cost a student?

Absolutely nothing! It's free to students! Enjoy.

Login Questions

How do I get help if I forget my username or password?

We'd love to help, but Blackboard doesn't have access to student account information. To reset or retrieve your login credentials, contact your school's IT help desk. You can usually find a help desk link or email on your school's Blackboard website. The URL for your school is often or something similar.

What if my Blackboard username and password don't work?

If your Blackboard username and password provided by your school aren't working for logging in to the app, contact your school's IT Help Desk.

Does the Blackboard app work for instructors?

If you're enrolled as an instructor in a course, it doesn't show on the Courses page in the Blackboard app. Instructors can use the Blackboard Instructor app.

How do I log out of the app?

Tap the Menu button, select Settings and then Log out. If you are in a course, tap the back arrow until the Menu button appears.

General Questions

Is the app available in my language?

The Blackboard app is available in over 30 languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. See the full list of supported languages in the release notes.

The language of the app comes from your device's operating system, not your Blackboard Learn language preference. Language settings affect the app interface, but not course content.