Demonstrate what you can do!

Portfolios tell a carefully crafted story to the world about who you are and what you can do. Share your portfolios as evidence of your skills and future potential. Use them to apply for jobs, promotions, college, to show a transferable skill, and to track your personal development.

You can organize a collection of artifacts to tell that story. Even better, you can create more than one portfolio. That way you can combine them-or share them separately-to tell different stories about your skills and ambitions.

For example, create one portfolio to track your research and another to display your writing. Combine them both into one larger story about your journalistic skills.

My Portfolios

The My Portfolios page is your launching point to view, create, and review portfolios. Access the My Portfolios page from the list where your name appears first at the top right of the page. Select Tools and then Portfolios.

The My Portfolios page includes a search function to locate specific portfolios. You can search by the portfolio owner's username, title, description, and learning objectives. The resulting list includes information about the portfolio type, availability, and links to comments and portfolio settings. The search returns only the portfolios that you have permissions to view.

To view a portfolio from the My Portfolios page, select View.

Portfolio assignments

Instructors can require that you submit portfolios for course assignments. If your instructor created a portfolio template for you to complete, follow the directions. When you've completed your assigned portfolio, select Done Editing

To share a snapshot of your portfolio at that point in time, from the My Portfolios page, select More, Share. On the Share Portfolio screen, select Share a Snapshot with and then select Users from the menu. Enter your instructor's username, enter a message, and select Submit.

  •  If you edit your portfolio after submission, your instructor doesn't see those edits. 
  • If your instructor allowed multiple attempts, you can make edits and resubmit the portfolio assignment.

After your instructor grades your portfolio, your grade appears in My Grades. Your grade doesn't appear on your My Portfolios page.

More on My Grades

Portfolio snapshot submissions made through an assignment can't be rescinded like other sharing events.