This information applies only to the Original experience.

Students and instructors must allow integrated applications to access their information in Learn. When you access an application for the first time, you’re prompted to authorize access.

Authorization screen to allow integrated apps to access personal information

Allow access to integrated apps

When prompted on the Learn Authorization screen to authorize access, select Allow. You receive a confirmation message.

Once authorized, the application appears in the Application Authorization menu.

  • In Ultra – From the navigation bar, select Tools, Application Authorization.
  • In Original – From the My Institution Tab, select Applications, Application Authorization.

Review or revoke access to integrated apps

From the Manage Your Authorizations page, you can view all the applications you authorized and their corresponding permissions. You can also revoke access to apps at any time.

Manage Your Authoizations screen where you view what you've authorized and revoke access

To revoke access, select the Revoke button with the no entry sign. Authorization is removed and the application can no longer access your personal information.

If the integrated application copied data to its own servers, removing authorization only prevents the tool’s future access to your data. To remove all your historical data, you must contact the tool's vendor and request its removal.


  • If you remove authorization, the app is likely to stop working.
  • To resume access, you must select another link to the app and allow authorization again.

Administrator notes

Managing access to personal information is important. With the Application Authorization tool, users can view all applications they’ve granted access to and remove access to any as needed. Because this tool relates to basic privacy and security settings and disclosures, it can’t be turned off or disabled. To stop an app from having access to personal information for all users, an administrator must remove the application from the REST API Integration control panel.