AI Design Assistant and Unsplash Configuration

The AI Design Assistant aids instructors with the creation and design of new courses. It is intended to inspire instructors and make course creation more efficient. Anthology has partnered with Microsoft to provide this functionality.

The AI Design Assistant provides the following generative AI-facilitated functionalities in Learn Ultra:

  • Generate keywords for the royalty-free image service in Learn powered by Unsplash – Suggests keywords to the Unsplash search for efficiency.
  • Generate learning modules – Assists instructors by suggesting a course structure.
  • Generate learning module images – Creates and suggests images for each learning module.
  • Generate test questions and question banks – Inspires instructors by suggesting a range of questions in a test or building a question bank from a Learn document.
  • Generate a rubric – Suggests a grading rubric with structure and criteria against a given assessment, which creates instructor efficiency and provides grading transparency to students.
  • Generate Learn document images – Generates images to use within a Learn document, making Learn documents more visually appealing to students.

These functionalities are subject to the limitations and availability of the Azure OpenAI Service and subject to change. Please check the relevant release notes for details.

Enable AI Design Assistant and Unsplash Features

Go to the Administrator Panel. Under the Building Blocks category, select Installed Tools. Select AI Design Assistant and Unsplash. You now have access to all the options on the AI Configuration page.

Image of the user interface for the AI Design Assistant and Unsplash

You can control the availability of every feature of the AI Design Assistant. You can select all, some, or none of the features to turn on at any time.

Unsplash is a separate feature that is also accessible from the AI Design Assistant page. If you enable Unsplash, instructors will be able to access Unsplash's gallery of stock photos to use as images for learning modules and course banners.