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    Make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional classroom walls.

    The Blackboard Learn learning management system brings efficiency to day-to-day tasks for students and instructors. Empower your instructors with tools that excite learners. It's flexible and easy to use for managing content and assessing outcomes.

    The help in this section applies to Blackboard Learn 9.1 2014 and later, as well as the Original Experience on Blackboard Learn SaaS.

    What is the Original Experience?

    The Original experience describes the user interface and workflows in Blackboard Learn 9.1 2014. In a Learn SaaS deployment, your users will retain the familiar look and feel for navigation and courses if you don't enable the Ultra experience. You can still access whatever you need from the tabs and modules.

    Looking for application and server management information?

    The Original experience looks the same across all deployments of Blackboard Learn, but there are some differences on the back end. For more information on managing systems, servers, and applications in Blackboard Learn, visit the following sections.

    Self- and Managed-Hosting Deployments

    SaaS Deployments