Anthology no longer supports Building Blocks (in most cases) and instead supports LTIs. This page includes information about ways that Anthology helps you to convert Building Block content to LTI and includes:

  • Content conversion tool that converts Building Block links to LTI links in Original Courses;
  • Auto-conversion of Building Block links for partner contents to LTI when importing an Original course or restoring an Original course archive. 

Content conversion tool

About the content conversion tool 

Anthology provides a tool that will converts Building Block links to LTI links in Original Courses. The content conversion tool helps to ensure a smoother transition experience ahead of the removal of Building Blocks in Learn configurations. This tool is available for:

  • Kaltura
  • Echo360
  • Panopto 
  • Sharestream
  • Mediasite

This conversion supports the Building Block content present within the iframe, including:

  • Course tools content
  • Mashup links within the content editor
  • Content links added in student submissions and feedback

Some material that is not supported includes:

  • Material from older versions of Kaltura (for example, videos embedded within a table and anchor tags) will be handled in a future iteration of this tool.
  • Student submissions that include Kaltura content.
  • Student feedback in Kaltura.

Core deep links are already LTI content, so they are not converted. Any LTI link in an Original course is not converted because it is already LTI content.

A temporary archive of the course is created before conversion. In case there is a problem with the content or the conversion, you can restore the course.

This tool only converts links created through the building block. Also, it validates the standalone links within the course to change the way those are processed. This will prevent standalone links from breaking after the building block deactivates.

Using the content conversion tool

You can manage placements through drop-down menus, simplifying the Building Block transition process. The content migration tool can be accessed through Administrator Tools. Select Converting Building Block Content to LTI in Tools and Utilities.

Converting Building Block Content to LTI

Select Migration Service Settings to configure settings.  

Select the required IDs and leverage custom parameters for course details and migrated content. 

The administrator selects the MediaSite Building Block and maps Building Block tools to LTI placements

For Panopto, you can use the custom parameters:

  • Instancename: You must modify the instance name if it has been changed in the general configuration of the Panopto Building Block.
  • folderid: This is a Panopto identifier for the courses in the different folders; this custom parameter does not need to be modified. 
Migration settings for Panopto, Echo 360 and Kaltura, including Panopto custom parameters

Building blocks mappings are displayed. You can select whether you want to edit, delete, or turn off the building block for the conversion tool. 

Building block mappings can be viewed and edited

Once configurations are set, you can manage the placements. You can select whether you want to include content links added in student submissions and feedback.

Migrate courses with building block content with Migrate student submissions and feedback and select Building Block options highlighted

You have the option to choose the courses for which you want to initiate the content link conversion for a specific Building Block. A course search function displays the courses (enabled or disabled) that contain the content links to be converted. There is a designated time range for the search. 

Bottom half of Migrate courses with building block content page with Courses to Migrate option highlighted

You can track the status of courses selected for content link migration. Search for conversion link statuses for each course based on a specified time range. 

Finally, at Migration Run Status, you can monitor the status of the conversion process for each course. An email is sent to you confirming whether the process is successful or whether the process failed. 

Checking the status of a migration task

For administrators: For optimal performance, select a maximum of two semesters during content conversion process. If the same course contains content from Sharestream, Panopto, Kaltura and/or Echo360 building blocks, the conversion process must be performed once for each building block.

 Automatic conversion

 Many Original courses contain content links for the partners listed below. Now, we auto-convert Building Block links for these partner contents to LTI when importing an Original course or restoring an Original course archive:

  • Kaltura
  • Echo360
  • Panopto 
  • Sharestream
  • Mediasite

The automatic conversion ensures that course content transitions to LTI. This will promote consistency and adaptability across the platform.

For administrators: To ensure the auto-conversion of building block links to LTI, review the following:

  • You must configure each building block to the Migration Service Settings section of the Conversion tool in the Admin Panel. Configure each associated LTI integration before converting the links.
  • You can enable/disable this functionality through a feature flag via a support ticket.