If you're creating a course that has many of the same features as an existing course, you can copy the existing course to create a new course.

You can copy all course materials or a subset of course materials into a new or existing course. You also have the option to include or exclude user enrollments from the destination course. For example, if two courses use the same materials but have a different set of students, you can copy the course materials from one course to another without copying the user enrollments. If one course is the first semester of a two-semester course that includes the same students, you can copy some of the course materials and the enrollments.

User data is not copied from one course to another. User data includes grades, test scores, blog posts and comments, journal posts and comments, discussion threads, wiki content, collaboration session data, and user statistics.

The course you're copying is called the source course. The course you're creating or adding materials to is called the destination course.

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