This information applies only to the Original experience.

User privileges and copying courses

You must have manage permissions in the course directory to include course files in a course package or to add course files from a course package to a destination directory. If you don't have manage permission, some content might not be copied.

If your institution has access to content management features, only read permission is required to include links to course files. Manage permission is required to include copies of the course files.

Users with the following course roles are granted manage permission:

  • Instructors
  • Course builders
  • Teaching assistants

User privileges and Content Collection items

All course users have read permission for items linked to in the Content Collection.

When you copy a course, Blackboard Learn automatically updates permissions for Content Collection items in all course areas except assessments in the Original Course View. You must go to the Content Collection page to update permissions manually for Content Collection items linked to by tests, surveys, and question pools.