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This feature was previously called Video Everywhere.

Browse My YouTube Videos

Name: Content Editor Building Block

Date Released: January 2016

Minimum Learn version: Blackboard Learn 9.1 April 2014


Google announced that the webcam capture feature will be removed from YouTube as of January 16, 2015. To learn more, see the YouTube Help article, Use webcam to record video.

Previously, users were able to use the Record from Webcam (Video Everywhere) feature to record a webcam video while using the editor and upload it directly to YouTube. This feature is now named Browse My YouTube Videos, and will continue to allow users to add videos from their YouTube channels, just as before.

More on Browse My YouTube Videos

Default state


Disabling or removing the building block

  • Instructors and students won't be able to use the Browse My YouTube Videos feature found in the editor.


  • Any role with access to the editor can use Browse My YouTube Videos.
  • System administrators can enable/disable the feature system-wide.
  • Instructors can enable/disable the feature at the course level.

More on roles and privileges


  • These changes require the installation of Blackboard Learn 9.1 October 2014.

Release Notes for Earlier Versions

Release notes for earlier versions are available in English only.