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Summary list of annotations for inline grading – 3900.48


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Impact: Instructors, Students

File submissions can be annotated inline when grading. Now a side panel will summarize all comments in a list. Selecting a comment will navigate the instructor or student to the location of that comment in the document. This change makes it easier to find all comments and feedback in a student’s submission.

This functionality will be released in September, independently from the 3900.48 release.

Rollout schedule by region:

  • Korea (prod-ap-northeast-2) - Tue 06 Sep  1pm EDT
  • Singapore (prod-ap-southeast-1) - Tue 06 Sep  2pm EDT
  • South Africa (prod-af-south-1) - Tue 06 Sep  7pm EDT
  • GOV US (prod-us-gov-west-1) - Wed 07 Sep  6am EDT
  • Sydney (prod-ap-southeast-2) - Wed 07 Sep 11am EDT
  • EU (prod-eu-central-1) - Wed 07 Sep  7pm EDT
  • Canada (prod-ca-central-1) - Thu 08 Sep  8am CET
  • US (prod-us-east-1) - Thu 08 Sep  8am CET

For administrators: There are no configurations needed.

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