Status and feedback

Change your status to away or let others know how you feel about something said or shared in the session. Use feedback to react to presentations.

Profile picture has a menu with options to go to the My Settings panel, mark yourself as away, leave a session, or use emojis to react to something in the session. Feedback appears at the top of the Attendees list.

From the main stage, select your profile picture.

Feedback appears with an attendee's profile picture on the main stage, in the Attendees panel, and in Chat. After 30 seconds the feedback disappears.

The Away status stays until you return and select I'm back!

A summary of the feedback selected appears under the panel heading. It shows the current feedback with a count of attendees using it.

You can sort the attendees by feedback in the Attendees panel. For example, if you want to know who is happy about what was said, select Happy under the Attendees heading. Only those who are happy appear.