Extra credit questions 

You can add extra credit questions to allow students to overachieve on an assessment or earn back points lost on other assessments or activities. 

A correct answer results in adding the extra credit question points to the points earned for the assessment. Students are not penalized for incorrect answers to an extra credit question. In other words, points are not deducted because the question is excluded from the assessment’s possible points. If a student answers extra credit questions correctly, it may be possible for the student to earn a score greater than 100% on the assessment. 

Students can discern how many extra credit points are available on the assessment. While students are taking an assessment, they can identify questions designated as extra credit. Students can also filter the test to find extra credit questions if present. 

Instructor view – assign one or more questions in an assessment as Extra Credit


Student view – students can identify which questions are extra credit and the total amount of extra credit available on the assessment.