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Edit the cache-settings.properties File

  1. Open the cache-settings.properties file in the following directory:
    • UNIX:


    • Windows:


  2. Edit the parameters using the information in the following table, which describes each parameter.
    Parameter Name Description
    maxElementsInMemory (elements) Maximum number of objects that will be created in memory
    eternal Whether elements are eternal
    If true, timeouts will be ignored and the element will never expire.
    timeToIdleSeconds Maximum amount of time between accesses before an element expires
    timeToLiveSeconds Maximum amount of time between creation and expiration before an element expires
    overflowToDisk Whether elements can overflow to disk when the memory store has reached the maxInMemory parameter limit
    evictionPolicy Policy to be enforced when the maxElementsInMemory parameter limit is reached
    The default policy is Least Recently Used (specified as LRU).
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the application server(s).