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Cluster replication

Pre-SP 14, the only supported method for Ehcache cluster replication is RMI, that is, through Java's Remote Method Invocation (RMI). In SP 14, we added a second replication method, which is JMS (Java Message Service) replication implemented by using the ActiveMQ. The default and recommended replication method in SP 14 is JMS. When you upgrade to SP 14, the replication method used is JMS.

Configure JMS replication on a multi-app server environment

  1. Make sure the ActiveMQ Broker password is the same on each Learn Application Server. The password is configured in bb-config.properties. If the values are not the same, use the value from one of the app servers or the following value. Then, run PushConfigUpdates after making the changes. To learn more about PushConfigUpdates, see PushConfigUpdates.


  2. Change the replication mechanism to JMS in bb-config.properties and run PushConfigUpdates.


Configure for RMI replication

Change the replication mechanism to RMI in bb-config.properties and run PushConfigUpdates.