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  1. Verify that the target application server is accessible.
  2. Update the host names in /etc/hosts file on both the application and database servers. If this step is not completed, the application server and database server will not properly communicate.
  3. Stop all Blackboard services with the following command:

    ./blackboard_home/tools/admin/ServiceController.sh services.stop

  4. Keep a record of the db_user passwords, and the statistics user for each BBUID (Blackboard User ID). The passwords are required for the Database Import. Use the following SQL query to obtain the passwords from the bblearn_admin database:

    SELECT bbuid, db_user, db_pass, stat_db_pass FROM bb_instance;

  5. Keep a record of the passwords for the following content management database users:
    • bblearn_cms
    • bblearn_cms_doc