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As part of the database restoration, administrators must edit the blackboard_home/config/bb-config.properties file for Blackboard Learn and if appropriate, the blackboard_home/apps/bbcms/config/bbcms-install.properties file for content management. To learn more, see bb-config.properties File. The following is a list of properties to review after restoring the databases.

Blackboard Learn

Database configuration - generic:

  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.machine.machinename=lion
  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.machine.fullhostname=lion.mydomain.com
  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.machine.instancename=bb91
  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.machine.systemuserpassword=oraclepassword
  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.db.password=bbadminpassword

Database configuration - Oracle:

  • bbconfig.database.bbadmin.db.oracle.indexdir=/usr/local/oracle/bb/log2
  • antargs.default.vi.db.password=password
  • antargs.default.vi.stats.db.password=password
  • antargs.default.vi.report.user.password=password
  • bbconfig.bbmaster.database.password=mypassword

Platform configuration - UNIX:

  • bbconfig.unix.sendmail.path=/usr/lib/sendmail
  • jvm configuration - java bound processes
  • bbconfig.database.machinename=cougar
  • bbconfig.database.fullhostname=cougar.mydomain.com
  • bbconfig.mssql.data.dir=/usr/local/oracle/bb/log2

Main application configuration - generic:

  • bbconfig.java.home=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0
  • bbconfig.webserver.fullhostname=cougar.mydomain.com
  • bbconfig.appserver.fullhostname=cougar.mydomain.com
  • bbconfig.appserver.machinename=cougar
  • bbconfig.collabserver.fullhostname.default=cougar.mydomain.com

Content management

  • xythos.license.key=OEM-BLACKBOARD-XXXX
  • cms.db.cms-user.pass=password

These properties are application server specific and will only change if a restore of the application is being completed.

If the above values are updated, the new values do not take effect until they are pushed through the system. To push the changes, log in as 'root' on the application server machine and run the following scripts:


PushConfigUpdates.sh must be run both before and after running the push-cs-config-update.sh script. The PushConfigUpdates.sh script will automatically update the admin data in the database by reading the value in the config.xml file. The changes to the database hostname and port, instance name, and externally visible webserver hostname will be pushed to the database.

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