In an effort to continuously improve our user experience for Learn, we've decided to separate our Learn help documentation into the two course views, Learn Original Course View and Learn Ultra Course View. Currently, our student and instructor documentation for both views appears on the same page; after the redesign is complete, this documentation will be separated into two different pages, depending on course view. We anticipate this update being completed by April 2, 2021.

What does this mean for me?

You'll still be able to access all the content currently on our help site. Access to the help site from within the product remains the same. The layout of the pages will be updated slightly to display one course view on a single page instead of combining both. While we don't anticipate any loss of access to pages, we may experience a slight delay in ensuring all links work as expected. These issues will be addressed and prioritized to be fixed with the utmost urgency.

What will the new design look like?

You may be familiar with our help content, currently laid out like this:

with links to view the alternate course view to match your view:

In our redesign, the Original and Ultra Course Views appear on separate pages, with the current course view named and a link to the alternate course view located at the top of the page:

Will the URLs change?

Our help URLs will reflect the course view in the URL when the redesign deploys. For example, the current student URL for Tests and Surveys:

will be updated to include the course view in the redesign:

The course view will be listed after the role in the URL. This provides a secondary way for you to determine which help content you're viewing. 

Will I need to update my bookmarked pages?

Our help site platform will automatically redirect your existing bookmarked URLs to our Ultra Course View content pages. We recommend updating your bookmarks if you're using Original Course View. There's no need to update your bookmarks if you're using Ultra Course View. You'll still be able to access the other course view from each page in help.

How will I know which experience my institution uses?

The information and screenshots won't change as part of the redesign. You can still use the accompanying images to determine your experience and course view.