The Usage reports shows details about how your students and instructors are using Ally. Find out how often students download an alternative format and instructors fix accessibility issues.

The report is a spreadsheet that is split into five worksheets.

  1. Alternative Format Launches
  2. Alternative Format Weekly
  3. Instructor Feedback Launches
  4. Instructor Feedback Weekly
  5. Data

Each worksheet has details related to a date range you pick.

Create a Usage report

  1. From the Ally Institutional accessibility report select the Usage tab.
  2. Choose a date range for the report.
  3. Select the Download usage report button.

You may not see data when you first open the report. The downloaded file may be protected. Enable editing to see the data.

Alternative Format Launches

The Alternative Format Launches worksheet shows alternative format engagement and distribution over a certain date range.

Engagement with Alternative Formats

The worksheet starts with details on how many times the Alternative Formats panel was opened and how often an alternative format was downloaded.

A conversion rate shows the percentage of downloads out of the total number of times the panel was opened.

Distribution by Alternative Formats

See which alternative formats are popular, or most downloaded, by your students. Each alternative format is listed with the number of times it was downloaded.