The Library is used to post eReserves, electronic manuscripts, and other institution resources. It is fully integrated with Blackboard Learn, making the Library a powerful and flexible way to share and distribute materials.

By default, there are two main areas within the Library:

  • Library Content
  • eReserves

Library content

The Library Content area can be organized according to your institution's specific needs, and is intended for content shared across the entire organization. By default, all users have read access to all items in the Library Content folder.


The eReserves area is a folder within the library that contains access-controlled materials, such as documents with copyrights. eReserves are not available for organizations, and may only be available for courses.

eReserves are automatically organized by course. Each course in Blackboard Learn has a corresponding course folder in eReserves. A course folder is automatically created in eReserves when an instructor, teaching assistant, or course builder accesses the Content Collection for the first time in a new course. For example, if the instructor for a history class would like to create an eReserve folder, he or she would select the eReserve folder. A folder with the course ID of the history class will automatically appear in the eReserves area.

Administrators can also automatically generate the eReserves directory.

eReserves allows librarians to make content available to users throughout Blackboard Learn.

eReserves content permissions

If you are enrolled in a course and it is available, you can view the contents of the corresponding folder in eReserves.

Guests and observers can't view the contents in eReserves folders, even if they are associated with an available course.

Instructors can read eReserve content and add it to their courses, but they cannot edit or remove it.

Only the librarian can add or edit content in eReserves. The administrator designates an eReserve librarian by granting them permissions to read, write, remove, and manage this content.

Open eReserves

You can find the eReserves in the Content Collection by going to Library Content > eReserves.

The Find Folder option makes it very simple for eReserve librarians to access eReserve course folders. Using this tool, the librarian may select the eReserve course folders to which they have permission and display them in the Content Collection menu.

If the librarian is enrolled in the course, course folders appear automatically in the librarian's eReserve area.