This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

Use Pronto to connect with students, faculty, advisors, and administration in real time, anytime. Pronto provides a sleek, modern design that enables users to connect from their mobile devices or directly inside Blackboard’s LMS platforms.

More on Pronto and Blackboard

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Demo of Pronto in Blackboard Learn

Link to Pronto from your course

Use the Content Market to add a link to Pronto from your course.

  1. On the Course Content page, select the plus sign wherever you want to add content. You can also expand or create a folder and add content.
  2. Select Content Market.
  3. Locate the Pronto tool and select the plus sign. A link to Pronto is added to your course.
  4. On the Course Content page, make the Pronto link visible to students.