This information applies only to the Ultra Course View.

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

If your institution has purchased a license for Anthology Adopt powered by Pendo, it can create in-app messages, digital walkthrough guides, and tooltips in Blackboard Learn. These may contain information about Blackboard Learn features, functionality, and important communications from your institution. If you are a user with privileges, you can create and distribute similar communications to colleagues and students through Blackboard Learn.

For example, your institution can implement a guide introducing a new feature in Blackboard Learn to faculty. When you log into Blackboard Learn and navigate to the feature or page containing an Adopt message, a pop-up, tooltip, banner, or other communication is displayed with the information. If a guide has multiple steps, customized navigation buttons can allow you to move forward and backward through the guide. While the communication is displayed, Blackboard Learn functionality is disabled. The creator of the guide can give you the option to ignore the communication and navigate out of it without completing it.

An Anthology Adopt pop-up displayed in Blackboard Learn

For administrators: Only users with a license will be able to create and publish guides in Learn. Institutions can acquire a license under the name of Anthology Adopt by contacting their account team for more information or requesting more information at