The Course Summary report is a holistic report about a single course that provides insight into student and instructor behavior in a course.

Some terminology used within the report can be expanded in our Glossary.


Data Source: Blackboard Learn.

Use Controls

In contrast to other reports, this one isn't pre-filtered; it's set up for you to create a course-focused report. You just need to select the filters to specify the particular course you want to review and the specific timeframe.

Get a more detailed description of each control in our Anthology Illuminate Reporting Glossary Controls Section.

Course Overview tab

Provides high level statistics about the course and metadata:

Student Engagement and Performance tab

Provides information about how students are engaging with the course and how students’ performance on grades correlates with time spent in the course or type of activity:

Instructional Practice tab

Provides a detailed view of the instructional practices in a specific course based on the course design, Instructor-Student engagement, and student success:

Course Design tab

Provides an understanding of how this course has been designed based on the item types used and their usage over time:

  • Course design compared to courses
  • Content usage over time


To help you navigate this report:

  • Date Range: when you select a specific date range, that timeframe only applies to visualizations marked with this icon: 🗓️
  • Institutional Hierarchy: if there are more than four (4) node levels in your institution, anything below level four (4) will be shown as a combined string.
    • When your institution doesn’t count with Institutional Hierarchy, you’ll see some visualizations data referred to as ‘No Hierarchy’
  • Visual filtering: some of the visualizations count with visual filtering to easily highlight data. How to use visual filtering
    • If you use visual filtering to see only information about one of the top 5 roles in the course, the whole report will highlight only that role’s data.
  • Roles: when showing information about roles: Student, Instructor, Teacher Assistant, etc., the additional or non-identified roles are grouped into Other.
  • Assessments: only course assessments with due dates are included.
  • Send an email: you can use the email link in the Send Email column (in the table at the bottom of each tab) to email a student or instructor. Once you select the link icon, you'll be redirected to your predetermined email configuration.