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Data Q&A is one of our Anthology Illuminate Enhanced features.

Explore your institutional data by asking questions related to critical aspects of the student experience and get customizable visual answers. You can quickly identify trends and patterns in your data and easily share your insights with others. 

With Data Q&A you can:  

  • Answer questions about the institution’s data using AI to ask questions in natural language.
  • Present answers to those questions in a meaningful way using various visualization types.
  • Pin visuals of frequently asked questions in personalized dashboards for quick access.
  • Access advanced filtering options, forecasting, and prescriptive questions.
  • Ask questions and get answers depending on the user’s institutional hierarchy and role.
Landing page for Data Q and A, with the search field at the top

What type of questions to ask:  

Note that Data Q&A is only available in English.

Questions that help leverage great insights from your institutional data, you can ask about: 

  • Student activity trends
  • Student comparisons with course peers
  • Student engagement with courses
  • Student performance

You can also get inspiration by one of these sample questions: 

  • Which students' grades are failing?
  • What’s the student’s average grades in each course in comparison to their peers?
  • What are the average hours spent in a course weekly per course per student?
  • Which students did not access their courses in the last 3 weeks?
  • Which students' activity is dropping?
  • Which students have minimum engagement?
  • What proportion of students have grades at or above, and below the grade boundary?
  • How’s the student activity and performance in each course compared to peers?
  • What’s the student’s participation rate compared to peers?
  • What's the level of engagement with course content per student?

How to interact with Data Q&A: 

Select the topic

From the Data Q&A bar, use the dropdown to select the topic available that you'd like to ask about. The sample topic, Student Engagement & Performance, is already selected for you.

A sample visualization page for an institution

Enter a question

From the Data Q&A bar, enter your question to generate a custom visual answer.

The search field of Data Q & A, showing a dropdown offering different endings to a question

Review how your question was interpreted 

Below your question, you can find a description of the visualization.

Explanation below a query in the Data Q and A search field

You can also go to the three dots in the right menu of the visualization and select View explanation to view a more detailed description of how the visual answer was built.

The View explanation dropdown at the top right of a visualization

Change visual types 

After you get a custom visual answer, go to the three dot menu at the top right, select the bar chart icon, and change the visual types as many times as needed to find the most appropriate visual answer for your question.

Options for different types of visualization in graphical format

Add your custom visual answers to a pinboard

You can pin a visual that you find useful and easily check it later in your institution’s pinboard. You can add or remove answers at any time. You can pin your favorite visuals in order to see updated data without having to ask the same question over and over again.

In the visualization’s menu at the top right, select the three dots and then the pinboard icon to pin the current visual. You can later find all your pins by selecting the pinboard icon above the question field at the top of the screen.

Top right menu of a visualization with the Add to pinboard option highlighted

Change the name of the visual 

Go to one of the pinned visualizations. In the three dot menu at the top right, select Rename and enter the new title.

Rename option at the top right of a pinned visualization

Export CSV

In the current visual answer or by going to your pinboards, go to the three dots menu and select Export CSV .

Export to CSV option at top right of a donut chart visualization

Give feedback

Whenever you find a visual answer helpful or unhelpful, select the Feedback button to share a thumbs up or thumbs down for the topic owners. You can provide additional details.   

Feedback option shown above the search field