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Access Snowflake with your Anthology Login Credentials

  1. Select Launch Snowflake.  
    Button Launch Snowflake
  2. If you are attempting to log in for the first time, your Snowflake access will be configured automatically. Wait for the process to be successfully completed. 
    You Snowflake access is being configured. This process is automatic and will only take a moment. You can launch Snowflake once the configuration is completed.
  3. Once your Snowflake account is successfully configured you will be redirected to Snowflake in a new tab in your browser. 
    Your Snowflake access was successfully configured. Launch Snowflake.
    • If your Snowflake access configuration fails, repeat the process from step 1.  

      Your Snowflake access configuration failed. We couldn't configure your Snowflake access at this moment. Try to launch Snowflake again in a few minutes.
  4. In Snowflake, you need to select Sing in using SSO, and you will be redirected to the authentication page. 
    Snowflake Sign in to Snowflake
  5. Log in using your Anthology login credentials on the authentication page.
  6. Select Sign In.

Restrict access to Snowflake and Settings

New Anthology Illuminate users have access to Reporting, Developer, and Settings by default. Users with access to Settings can manage service account credentials that are used in machine-to-machine connections, for example, PowerBI.  

You can restrict access to Developer and Settings to specific roles or individuals, whilst allowing them to access Reporting, if your institution uses Anthology Login for authentication.

To restrict access to Snowflake and Settings: 

  • Assign a different system role in Blackboard Learn for users of Developer and Reporting. Each user who requires access needs to have the relevant system role assigned in Learn: 
    • Developer (access to Snowflake,Settings, and Reporting) –  select System Administrator 
    • Reporting (only) – select another role. We recommend you create a new role.
  • Check that these users are part of the correct login group that provides access to Anthology Illuminate via Anthology Login. 
  • Log a support ticket requesting Anthology Illuminate user group mapping and provide the details of your chosen system roles. 

If your institution doesn’t use Anthology Login, You need to change your authentication method for Anthology Illuminate if you want to leverage these access restrictions:

  • Log a support ticket to ask for help adopting Anthology Login for Anthology Illuminate.
  • Once you adopt Anthology Login, follow the steps to restrict access to Snowflake and Settings.

This will not change your authentication method for Blackboard Learn. Once this has been completed, follow the steps above to restrict access to Developer and Settings.  

Check which Anthology login your institutions uses:

  • If you login to Anthology Illuminate using the “Sign in with your institutional account” option, your institution uses Anthology Login. 
Blackboard Data Sign in screen highlighting Sign in with your institutional account
  • If you login to Anthology Illuminate using the “Sign in with your Anthology Illuminate account” option, your institution doesn't use Anthology Login. 
Blackboard Data sign in screen highlighting Sign in with your Blackboard Data account