Illuminate March 2024 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 26 March 2024
Reporting, Updated Features

Our March 2024 release includes:

  • One new report in the Leading area:

    To provide a better understanding of how tools are being used and adopted in the Institution, we have improved the Learning Tools Activity and Use report.  

    The Learning Tools Adoption Report now includes key information on tools usage, identifies which courses and Institutional Hierarchy Nodes use specific tools, and allows for easy comparisons of tools usage across different timeframes.

    The report has two tabs:

    • Overview
    • Comparison

    Find out more about the Learning Tools Adoption Report.

  • For institutions with Anthology Student, new SIS filters and attributes were incorporated into the Student Performance and Grades and the Social and Collaborative Engagement reports:

    • Course Modality 
    • Grade Level 
    • Program 
    • Course Retake 
    • Primary Instructor 

    A distinct indicator (🔹) identifies data sourced from the Student Information System (SIS) allowing institutions without SIS data to recognize why certain elements are not populated. The overall functionality of the report remains unchanged.