Converting Building Block content to LTI: Student submissions and feedback – 3900.89

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Impact: Administrators
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We remain committed to ensuring a smooth transition experience from building blocks to LTI. We have further enhanced our conversion tool. Now administrators can include student submissions and instructor feedback.

During the conversion process, the tool prompts administrators to select whether to include the content links added in student submissions and feedback. If selected, those links in student submissions and feedback transition to LTI format within the selected course.

Image 1. Option to migrate student submission and feedback content 

Migrate courses with building block content with Migrate student submissions and feedback option highlighted

We encourage administrators to review the conversion tool settings. Please make informed choices based on your institution's requirements. 

For administrators: If a course contains content from Kaltura, Panopto, Echo360, MediaSite and/or ShareStream building blocks, you must perform the conversion process for each building block.

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