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AI Design Assistant – Context picker for Learning Modules, Assignments, Discussions, and Journals – 3900.89

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Impact: Instructors 
Related topics: Learning modules, Assignments, Discussions, and Journals 

Context selection is key for tailoring course content generated with the AI Design Assistant. The context picker also helps to ground generated content in an appropriate context.

File types supported by the context picker include PDF, Word, PowerPoint, text, RTF, and HTML.

 We are extending the context picker for test questions to other generation workflows: 

  • Learning modules 
  • Authentic assignments 
  • Authentic discussions 
  • Authentic journals

Image 1. Example of context picker for learning module generation; select Auto-Generate Modules from the plus icon's dropdown menu

Course Content page, with the dropdown from the plus icon open and Auto-Generate Modules highlighted

Image 2. Choose Select Course Items

Auto-Generate Learning Modules panel

Image 3. Select course items for context and then choose Select items

Select Items panel, showing a selected folder with all dependent items highlighted, with the Select Items button at the bottom right

Image 4. Select Generate to apply the context to the generation workflow

Auto-Generate Learning Modules panel with a "1" beside Select course items

Image 5. Select generated Learning Modules and add them to your course

3 generated learning modules on the Auto-Generate Learning Modules panel are selected

When Ultra documents are selected as context, file attachments on the Ultra document will also be included as context for all context pickers.

For administrators: You have to enable AI features to use the Context Picker for Learning Modules, Assignments, Discussions, and Journals. In Installed Tools, select Settings for AI Design Assistant and Unsplash. The default state is off. When this feature is on, the privilege will need to be assigned to course roles as necessary, such as Instructor. The privilege to assign is "Use AI features."

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