Ally 2.7.14 | Release to production: February 1, 2024

Improved API endpoints for reporting tools

As a follow-up to the initial release in Ally 2.7.7, the Ally API endpoints for reporting tools have been improved to allow for better handling of larger datasets and clearer communication of statuses for administrators looking to integrate Ally data with reporting tools like Power BI, Tableau, Excel or customized web applications.  

These improvements help to further streamline the process for stakeholders building custom reports and dashboards outside of the Ally Institutional Report to enable more data-driven decision making throughout the institution.

Image 1:  Example custom PowerBI dashboard  

Custom PowerBI dashboard

Improvements include:

  • When Ally needs to prepare larger datasets, the Ally API now responds with the status code 202 (Processing) to inform users that they will need to wait until the data is ready to avoid timeout issues. When the data is ready, the API will respond with the code 200 (Successful).
  • The total number of filtered records has also been added to the metadata.  This will help users confirm that the filtering options are working as expected (while keeping in line with the 10,000-records response limit per endpoint).  

Additional information about the API for reporting, including configuration examples, is available in the updated Integrate Ally's API with an External Reporting Tool help page. 

Updated technical documentation around the API endpoints is also available in the Reporting API Endpoints help page.