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People use different number formatting around the world. Larger numbers are grouped in different ways, and different punctuations are used for decimals. In Learn, these behaviors are included in the locale settings, so this is done automatically. A number would appear as 1,095.5 in the United States and 1.095,5 in Germany.

For some language selections, however, there can be variance from one country to another. In Spanish-speaking countries, for example, the decimal point is used in Mexico, but the decimal comma is used in Colombia.

Previously, custom configurations could be applied for Original courses. Now, these same custom settings will also apply to Ultra courses.

In Ultra courses, there are two places that will still display decimal point when the locale uses decimal commas:

  • Numeric questions
  • The Overall Grade configuration. Final calculations are not affected.

We plan to fix these in an upcoming release.

The Attendance tool always uses decimal points regardless of locale.

Image 1. The Spanish locale has been edited to use decimal points instead of decimal commas

The Spanish locale has been edited to use decimal points instead of decimal commas

For administrators: The improvement in this release is limited to left-to-right languages. Action is only necessary if your local number handling doesn’t match what is coded into your selected locale. To change the number handling:

  • Export the appropriate language pack
  • Manually edit the locale settings
  • Upload the language pack and make it available


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