Set up Google Analytics

Want to know how your site is doing? Is it giving your visitors easy access to the information they are looking for? Use GoogleTM Analytics—a free and easy-to-use tool—to get a clear and objective understanding of how well your site is doing and insight on how to improve it.

Before you can start collecting data on your site you must have a Google Analytics account. After you create an account you need to set up a property to represent your site. You then create a viewing report where you can access your analysis tools. After this initial set up, find your tracking code and add it to the head content of you site.

  1. Follow the steps on Get started with Google Analytics to create your account.
  2. Follow the steps on Set up a property to set up a property that represents your website and collects the data. To learn more about properties, go to About properties.
  3. Follow the steps on Add a new view to create a reporting view. This is where you access your reports and analysis tools.
  4. Follow the steps on Find your tracking ID and copy the Tracking Code Google provides you.
  5. Sign in to your Site Manager.
  6. Select CONFIGURE and select System Settings.
  7. Select Template.
  8. Paste the Tracking Code from Google in the Head Content field.

    Before you change anything in the Head Content, copy the code already there and paste it somewhere for safe keeping. This way you can always go back to a working version.

  9. Select Save.

View Google Analytics reports

To see how your site is doing, sign into Google Analytics and review your reports.

Go to Google Analytics Help Center to learn more about reading and troubleshooting the reports.